Why Walnut

Experienced Leadership

Walnut’s Automated Investing Platform led by CEO Jay Handy, a Harvard-educated financial planner with decades of experience. Jay founded Walnut as an extension of his asset management firm, Walnut Capital Management, to provide more ways for more people to plan for the future.

Award Winning Technology

Walnut’s portfolio uses Charles Schwab’s Institutional Intelligent Portfolio investing platform, the fastest growing automatic investment platform in the world.

Strong Philosophy

Be Transparent

We charge a 0.75  percent annual fee to keep the lights on. We’ll never hide fees from you, or anything else that you need to know about your money and our services.

Be Authentic

We’re a team brought together by our passion for financial planning and literacy. We’re here to share that passion with you through knowledge sharing, tools, and an easy-to-use investing platform.

Help Others

A rising tide should lift all boats. When we make a profit, we give a portion of it to those who need a little lift through the B1G1 Business for Good program.

Automated Investing